The Kinetik Health Sense Kit is a new way to track your key health statistics and turn that information into a real understanding of what they mean for you.

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Kinetik Health Sense Kit - Your Lifelong Health Companion

With lifelong access to a unique collection of high quality health monitoring devices and the Kinetik Health App, you will be able to automatically build a complete picture of your key health measures, giving you the power to make informed choices about your health and your future.

In our kit you will find a unique selection of 3 connected devices:

Blood pressure monitor
High blood pressure is a recognised cause of a range of heart diseases including heart attacks and stroke.

Activity tracker which can also record your sleep patterns
Lack of regular activity and poor sleep quality can both contribute to a range of heart disease as well as some mental health problems.

Digital scales
Weight gain is a significant factor in heart disease and diabetes.

Kinetik Health App

The Kinetik Health App, powered by Caros, will give you a complete picture of your vital health measures and help you understand your progress, all in the one place for life.

Download the App from Google Play:

Download the app from Google Play

Download the App from the App Store:

Download the app from the app store

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