Discreet and attractive, the Digital Scales will help you to record your weight and track changes over time.

  • Accurate – measures weight and records data.
  • Easy to use – ‘step on’ operation.
  • Easy to read – large display.
  • Single reading memory – if you are not able to upload measurement straight away.
  • Convenient - pair via Bluetooth 4.0 with your phone or tablet to upload your results.

For every purchase a contribution is made to St John Ambulance.

Kinetik Health Sense App - Your Lifelong Health Companion

The Bluetooth Digital Scales are designed to make it simple to regularly check your weight and upload your results directly to the Kinetik Health App.

Kinetik Health App

The Kinetik Health App, powered by Caros, will give you a complete picture of your vital health measures and help you understand your progress, all in the one place for life.

Download the App from Google Play:

Download the app from Google Play

Download the App from the App Store:

Download the app from the app store

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